September 18, 2019

Brian Maienschein's 2019 Vote Record

The votes are in, and Asm. Maienschein's transformation into a liberal Democrat is complete

(San Diego, CA) – With the 2019 the legislative session coming to an end last week, June Cutter for Assembly's campaign put together a sampling of Brian Maienschein's most liberal stances in his first session as a Democrat.

  • Failed to vote to delay the multi-billion-dollar gas tax increase, increasing the California gas tax to nearly 50 cents per gallon (SB 87).
  • Voted to make it easier for violent criminals to get out of jail early, threatening the safety of our communities (AB 965).
  • Failed to vote to protect Prop 13 (ACA 1).
  • Voted to automatically restore the voting rights of dangerous criminals before they complete their court-mandated parole (ACA 6).
  • Failed to vote to stop the expansion of free healthcare for illegal immigrants, costing California taxpayers an estimated $100 million (AB 4).
  • Voted with liberal special interests to reclassify many independent contractors as employees, with no regard for individual's wishes (AB 5).

Maienschein's 2019 vote record confirms what Republican party leaders have been saying since he switched parties in January: Brian Maienschein is no longer a common sense, moderate legislator.

In fact, Cal Matters recently published an article detailing Maienschein's newfound liberal ideology: “If party were just a letter, one would expect Maienschein to occupy roughly the same ideological area this year as he did in the 2017 session despite his new affiliation. And while it’s hard to make direct comparisons across years, that doesn’t seem to be the case.”

The 77th District encompasses northern San Diego and portions of North County, including the city of Poway. It also contains the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. The District’s voter registration is nearly evenly split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

June Cutter is an accomplished attorney, small business owner, proud wife to a former Naval Flight Officer, and a mom to two children. June is running for Assembly to stand up to Sacramento special interests and to improve the lives of California’s hardworking middle class. To learn more about June and her campaign for Assembly, visit: