September 12, 2019

Brian Maienschien Votes to Remove Flexibility for ‘Gig Economy’ Workers

Maienschein yesterday voted in favor of AB5, a bill that reclassifies many independent contractors as employees

(San Diego, CA) – Brian Maienschein yesterday voted for a controversial piece of legislation, AB5, that removes the flexibility of independent contract work for many ‘gig economy’ workers.

Under this legislation, ride share drivers, commercial janitors, food delivery workers, construction workers, truckers, nail salon workers, physical therapists, franchise owners and more could all be reclassified from independent contractors to employees – effectively removing the flexibility these job sectors provide.

AB5 was authored by far-left San Diego Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez, a new ally of Maienschein’s since he re-registered a Democrat in January. Maienschein recently donated the legal maximum of $4,700 to Gonzalez’s re-election campaign.

“The gig economy has expanded over the years as a response to the growing demand for good paying, flexible jobs,” said June Cutter. “Everyone from parents who drive for ride-sharing apps while their children are at school to physical therapists who offer treatment on flexible hours that fit their schedule are negatively impacted by this careless piece of legislation.”

The 77th District encompasses northern San Diego and portions of North County, including the city of Poway. It also contains the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar. The District’s voter registration is nearly evenly split between Republicans, Democrats, and Independents.

June Cutter is an accomplished attorney, small business owner, proud wife to a former Naval Flight Officer, and a mom to two children. June is running for Assembly to stand up to Sacramento special interests and to improve the lives of California’s hardworking middle class. To learn more about June and her campaign for Assembly, visit: