Taxes & Affordability


There is no question that Californians are over-taxed. 


Californians are subject to over 155 different taxes. We have the highest income tax rates in the nation and our gas prices are 133% of the national average. In 2019, Californians on average had to work 110 days just to pay their tax burden – and there is no relief in sight under the Democrats’ one-party control of Sacramento.


Our state does not have a revenue problem, we have a spending problem.  California’s revenues are growing at historic rates and the California Legislative Analyst’s Office estimates that we will have a $31 billion surplus to allocate in 2022-2023.  Rather than returning this surplus to taxpayers, Sacramento Democrats are creating even more boondoggle projects to waste your hard-earned money.  Meanwhile, everyday Californians are struggling to put food on their table and fill up their tanks.


In the Assembly, I will oppose all tax increases and propose a middle-class tax cut that exempts the first $50,000 earned by an individual and the first $100,000 earned by a couple filing jointly from California’s state income tax.  I will also demand accountability in government spending and oppose failing government projects like the High Speed Rail.

Border Security & Immigration


Legal immigration is essential to the American Dream.


As the daughter of immigrants, I bring a unique perspective to this discussion.  Since October 2021, nearly 1 million people have illegally crossed the southwestern border of the United States.  Lack of Federal resources and failed border and immigration policies are to primarily to blame, but Sacramento Democrats must also take responsibility for ignoring the problem and hoping it just goes away.


In the Assembly, I will oppose sanctuary policies and fight for the allocation of necessary resources to increase staffing and infrastructure improvements at our border and ports of entry.  Instead of giving taxpayer-funded benefits to illegal immigrants, we must create policies that provide a legal path to citizenship for hard-working immigrants seeking the American Dream.



Climate Change & Conservation


California’s environmental policies are short-sighted.


California businesses have been forced to navigate an aggressive regulatory environment and are under constant scrutiny under the State’s clean energy and “cap and trade” policies.  The irony is that many of the State’s environment policies aren’t even making a positive impact against global climate change.


Sacramento Democrats have “pie in the sky” dreams of carbon neutrality, but the reality is that the technology has not been developed and our state needs energy now.  Knowing that we simply cannot function without oil, the question becomes whether we want our oil to come from overseas where we have no control over how it is produced, or do we want to invest in the cleanest oil on the planet by producing it domestically here in California?


While we continue to support innovation in the energy industry, we have a duty to prioritize oil that is produced in an ethical and environmentally conscious way.  It is disingenuous of Sacramento Democrats to claim that they care about the environment as they turn a blind eye to oil that is produced on foreign soil.


In the Assembly, I will partner with industry leaders, environmentalists, and scientists to ensure access to diversified energy is reliable and affordable, and that climate policies are based on real science and economics.



Education & School Choice


Every child deserves an exceptional education.


California’s public education system has been broken for decades.  The failures of our public education system were further highlighted by the pandemic.  It remains unclear how prolonged school closures and mask mandates have impacted our children.


The dysfunction of California’s public education system is further highlighted by Sacramento Democrats who are more focused on implementing Critical Race Theory (CRT) than addressing the actual learning loss suffered by our students.


California voters have repeatedly rejected race-based policies. Most recently in 2020, California voters overwhelmingly rejected Proposition 16, which would have restored race-based affirmative action in our schools and government agencies.  While acknowledging the value of an ethnic studies curriculum, we must ensure that the material we expose to our children remains age-appropriate and free from politicization.


No parent should be forced to send their child to a failing school, which is why I support school choice.  Parents should have the option of sending their children to the best school available, not limited by zip code.  I support a school choice system that will incorporate charter schools, and the utilization of educational savings accounts so that working- and middle-class families have access to private schools.


In the Assembly, I will fight against the special interest groups that have dominated the Capitol and the politicians who are beholden to them.  I will put students and parents first and focus on how we can best serve the needs of future generations.  It is our job to set them up for success and prepare them for the global marketplace.