Hello, and thank you for stopping by to learn more about my race for State Assembly in California’s 77th District - the suburban heart of San Diego County. As a working mom raising my kids in this community, I understand the challenges we all face: unreasonably high cost of living, gridlock on our roads, schools that are failing many students, and increasing crime and homelessness. It’s time someone started standing up for the average middle class Californian, and that someone is me!

Our Assemblyman, Democrat Brian Maienschein, has been elected for decades, and claims he’s getting the job done. Did he get the job done? Did the cost of living get more reasonable? Did traffic flow better? Did our schools improve their performance? Did crime and homelessness decrease? No… on his watch they all got worse, as he caters to the Sacramento special interests instead of the middle class.

That’s why I’m running: to be a voice for the average middle class Californian. That means helping solve our real life problems. That means standing up to the special interests that run Sacramento. Our community needs a person in the real world who actually understands how we live, not a politician who is part of the very system that is failing us. I promise you that, as your Assemblywoman, I will put the middle class first, and that I will openly and publicly hold myself accountable to you, my neighbors and friends.

I’ll vote for you to keep more of your hard-earned money. 

Why is it that, even with a good job, you feel like it is just enough to pay the bills, and you still worry about paying for retirement or your kids’ college education?  One big reason is that California’s taxes and fees are eating average middle class families alive. What makes this even worse is that, after taking so much of our money, they still can’t fix our problems. That’s just throwing good money after bad. 

As your Assemblywoman, I will oppose the many new taxes and fees the liberal elite in Sacramento want to raise each year, even though we have a massive budget surplus. I believe the legislature needs to start concentrating their time and effort, and our money, on the problems we experience day to day instead of wasting it on unreasonable multi-billion dollar projects like the High Speed Rail. This means actually holding the legislature accountable for their spending, and making all government spending more transparent. The special interests and the sitting Assemblyman aren’t going to like that much, but I work for you, not them!

I’ll focus on getting us all home faster.

Every extra hour we spend stuck in traffic is yet another frustrating hour we aren’t doing something else we want to do. Sacramento politicians routinely loot transportation dollars, and even raised the gas tax last year so they would have more money for their pet projects and special interest supporters. It’s the same all over again: they think we aren’t paying attention, or that we won’t say enough. But I will say ‘enough!’

As your Assemblywoman, I will strongly support more lanes on our freeways, highways and roads. I’m happy to supplement roads with more public transportation as well, but the truth is most middle class people use cars to get from place to place, and that isn’t going to change. I will also put the pressure on our city government to fix local streets and get rid of the potholes that Assemblyman Maienschein let fester when he was our councilman, when he came close to bankrupting the city. 

I’ll expose “business as usual” in Sacramento. 

Free trips to Hawaii. Cocktail parties every night. Thousands of dollars in what they call “chum” but the rest of us would call “gifts” from special interests. Sham legislative days to collect per-diem. Sexual harassment scandals that seem to be breaking every couple months.  Believe it or not, this is what Sacramento politicians consider “business as usual.” I cannot believe it! Is it any wonder he works for them, not us?

As your Assemblywoman, I will expose the shady practices in our state legislature. I may not get invited to many cocktail parties or free trips to Hawaii, but that’s not why I am going to Sacramento! Maybe some of these legislators would start worrying more about the problems of the middle class people right here at home if they weren’t treated, and didn’t expect to be treated, like royalty. 

I’ll stand up for more freedom and more parental rights.

So many of the laws coming out of Sacramento are restricting our basic freedoms. They want to tell us how we can use our property, where we must educate our children, how (and even what!) we can eat, what kind of car we can drive, and what kind of straw we can use. At the end of the day, career politicians who can’t even get the basics done think they know better than us on how we should live our lives. 

As your Assemblywoman, I will stand by some basic principles: more freedom and more liberty is a good thing that I will support; whereas interfering with someone else’s freedom and liberty is a bad thing that I will oppose. That means restricting the state’s ability to take your real and personal property, giving parents much more input on where their kids attend school and what they learn, and generally getting out of our day to day lives unless we are infringing on the property or well-being of others. 

I’ll tackle the growing crime and homeless problem. 

Let me be blunt: one of the reasons I am running for Assembly is that I could not believe Assemblyman Maienschien’s failure to oppose a law that would make it harder for our police officers to defend themselves in potentially lethal situations. He was so concerned about the liberal extremists who will fund his campaign for Assembly now that he switched from Republican to liberal Democrat that he just ‘took a walk.’ That is unacceptable. That is a failure to do his job. That is a failure to live up to the expectations of our community. 

As your Assemblywoman, I will be a vote for public safety and for victim’s rights. I will vote to eliminate the parts of Propositions 47 and 57 which decriminalized felonies like drug possession and flooded our streets with felons that these initiatives let out of jail early. I will vote for programs which help teach our police officers how to de-escalate conflict, but I will strongly defend their right to defend themselves and us.

I will also fight to tackle homelessness at its root cause, by shedding light on the substance abuse and mental health issues which plague the vast majority of our homeless population, and focusing on job training for those folks who truly need a hand up not a hand out. 

I’ll help make our state a place where everyone has the opportunity to get ahead.

California has always been the kind of place where anyone could get ahead if they worked hard or had a great idea. While that is still true, it’s true for less people, and much of the reason for this can be blamed on laws generated by the special interests, lobbyists, and extremely liberal legislators in Sacramento. Their head-shaking policies have made it harder to open a small business, harder to buy a home, and harder to get a decent education. All of that makes it harder for most people to get ahead.

As your Assemblywoman, I will work hard to make us an “opportunity state” again. I will work to eliminate regulations and fees, and long waiting times, so that people can start their businesses and hire new people faster. I will work with state and local leaders to lower the oppressive red tape and fees that add hundreds of thousands of dollars to the cost of building a new house. I will make sure classrooms have every dollar they need to do the best job for our kids, but hold schools and administrations accountable for actually delivering the world-class education our taxpayers have paid for. And I will make sure our most qualified students are put first on the admissions list for California colleges, not last. 

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