Moms for June.


Moms for June are moms who have grown tired of politics as usual and want to effect meaningful change in the State of California, for themselves and for their families. We are united by the common goal of changing this state for the better, for our kids and future generations. Here's the thing:

#1: Raising a Family in California is Unaffordable.


California’s working families are burdened by the cost of living, the cost of housing, and the cost of education. We continue to send more and more of our hard-earned money up to Sacramento, with no results to show in return.
Sacramento politicians are out of touch. That’s why we need someone with real life, real world experience to fight for lower taxes, reduced regulations, and the preservation of California’s middle class.

#2: Kids are More Important than Special Interests.

Above all things, our kids must take priority over special interests. California has one of the worst performing public school systems in the entire country. We can no longer ignore the factors negatively impacting our kids and their education in this state. As a mom with two kids in the public education system, I will fight for transparency in curriculum, education equality, alternatives to traditional learning, and above all, the freedom to raise our kids the way we want them to be raised.

#3: Kids Should Be Safe, and Feel Safe.


We must take a close look at mental health, addiction, and crime; focusing on the root causes of our public safety issues, not quick-fix band-aid solutions. I will fight to restore consequences for bad behavior, to support our law enforcement, and to ensure that real help is available for the most vulnerable members of our community who need it most. As we make our schools and streets safer for our kids, we also need to set an example for future generations.